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Final Report on TIB (Tian Immunity Booster) Therapy for TB and TB co-infected with HIV/AIDS

Information sourceTian Shengxun2013-01-29

TB clinic

Kenyatta National Hospital

Nairobi, Kenya

30th November 2008 


The patients put on TIB therapy are from TB clinic, Kenyatta National Hospital, initially from October and November 2007. One year has been gone and the close follow up to five patients who are on TIB therapy has made ever since the TIB therapy starts. The five patients selected from the TB clinic are the most complicated cases which are not responding to the universal standard treatments like anti-TB drugs. The MDR (Multiple Drug Resistance) TB and TB co-infected with HIV/AIDS particularly, even one TB patient with heart failure ( pericardial effusion ) without HIV infection are doing extremely well when they are put on TIB therapy. The TB alone, including MDR-TB, is cured within two month TIB therapy combined with normal anti-TB drugs.

The TIB therapy started September 2007 and terminated around March 2008. The Preliminary Report on TIB therapy for TB and TB co-infected with other complicated diseases like HIV/AIDS or heart failure was released to Professor Tian Shengxun on March 2008. Then the close follow-up has been made for over six months ( up to the date of Final Report). All of the five patients are doing very well and they are in the good healthy condition after stopping the TIB therapy for eight months so far. The viral load is not done due to financial problem of patients even though TIB drugs are free.  

 The case No. 1: C C K of Upper Hill Resident, NAIROBI, KENYA. At age of 33 years old, female.

The TIB therapy started 22nd November 2007 ended on 22nd March 2008 ( 6 months ). Apart from the symptoms of TB and co-infected with HIV/AIDS has gone, The results of laboratory also has indicated that TIB therapy really works wonderfully for


the TB co-infected with HIV/AIDS patient. The sputum smear microscopy turned to negative after two month TIB therapy combined with normal anti-TB drugs which

means the TB is cured. The body weight has been gained 6Kg from 56 Kg to 62 Kg now. The CD4 count initially was 322 then 350 and now is 380 cells/ micro-milliliter. The patient is not yet on any conventional ARV and feeling strong without any complaint so far.


The case No. 2: J M O of Land Mawe Resident, NAIROBI, KENYA at age of 65 years old, female.


This case is most complicated case without HIV infection. The patient has got TB pericardial effusion with heart failure and diabetes, pneumonia. The patient and the family are desperate before administering the TIB therapy. The heart failure was corrected only after one week treatment of TIB. The TIB drugs were only given four months, the TB has been cleared and the heart failure has completely gone. Even the other infection like pneumonia also disappeared; the patient is getting stronger and stronger ever since the TIB therapy stared. The patient is strong enough to do whatever she wants to do at home and the diabetes is under control and stable without any medication.


The case No. 3: Y F J of Park Road Resident, NAIROBI, KENYA. At age of 16 years old ( recording age, but the accurate age is 22 now ), female.


This is the MDR-TB ( Multiple Drug Resistant TB ). The six month first line anti-TB drugs have been given and the healthy condition of the patient is getting worse and worse. Then the second line anti-TB drugs have been administered at the cost of 75,000 Kenya Shillings per month for almost two months, nothing has happened to the patient apart from appearing lot of symptoms of toxicity and side-effects of anti-TB drugs. This is the time for the TIB therapy to be applied to the patient. The patient has the very bad cough and chest pain, even the low fever is there. She is vomiting and completely lost the appetite. The patient can not hear and see properly and even disturbed mentally ( some simple questions can not be answered ). The body

weight dropped to 46Kg from more than 80 Kg initially. The patient is responding to the TIB drugs very fast and well, the improvement has been felt and seen only after TIB drugs taking for one week.. The one month of TIB therapy combined with the previous anti-TB drugs has passed and the most symptoms of TB also have disappeared. The patient is eating well with good appetite, can rest nicely and starts recovering. The sputum smear microscopy ever since the third month of TIB therapy has been noticed up to the final report date, which has been confirmed that patient has got the MDR-TB both from Nairobi Hospital and KEMRI respectively on 19th July and 4th August  2007. The TIB therapy is only given six month course and the patient has fully recovered from the MDR-TB from November 2007 up to end of November 2008, which sputum culture was fund negative on 12th November 2007 first time. The patient is feeling fully recovered and her body weight is 80 Kg now from 46 Kg initially. The patient has completely stopped the medication which the second line anti-TB drugs should be taken for 24 months. But this patient has only taken for 14 months combined with TIB drugs. This is the real amazing result for MDR-TB so far. The more patients need to be administered TIB drugs for further confirmation of TIB’s potential for the MDR-TB.


The case No.4: J K K of Kibera Ayani Resident, Nairobi, Kenya. At age of 40 years old, male.


This is the TB co-infected with HIV/AIDS case without using conventional ARV. The follow-up of one year indicates that the patient is really doing very well with six month course of TIB drugs. So far the TIB therapy has been stopped over half a year, the patient is still very fine and body weight is 48 Kg now from 41 Kg initially. The TB was cured within the six month course and CD4 cells are also going up to 250 from 125 cells/ micro-milliliter before TIB therapy. This is really wonderful for me as the medical doctor to get this promising clinical and laboratory results using the natural ARV-alternative therapy for TB and TB co-infected with HIV/AIDS. For sure TIB drugs are really reliable and working, though this is not a cure it is the ideal solution to the global disaster.

The case No.5: C C of Kibera Ayani Resident, Nairobi, Kenya. At age of 9 years old, male.   

This is the TB and co-infected with HIV/AIDS case of 9 years old child which the                              

TIB drugs are administered to. The TIB therapy was erupted after two month TIB treatment due to the post election violence. The first one and half month of TIB

treatment shows the wonderful clinical improvement. The child is really under weight and less development which compares with the same age children before the TIB drugs taken. The lucky enough the TIB therapy was resumed after breaking for two months and the two months more TIB drugs were given so far which means only taking four month TIB drugs. The patient was really in trouble like very weak, fever and chest pain and could not go to school normally due to healthy problems. Right now this child is doing very well. The TB has gone and the body weight is 28 Kg now from 15 Kg only initially. The child is schooling normally and active without any complaints. This indicates that TIB drugs can also work for the children nicely. The child is not on other medication yet.

The conclusion:

The arguments may be there before the conclusions, such as too few participants for the study, lack of comparative analyses, too short duration of observation. From what the outcomes have been observed from the close follow-up of each patient, for example 1. the body weight of five patients has increased ( the minimum 06 Kg and maximum 34 Kg,  the child increased 13 Kg  ); 2. the CD4 cell count of  two patients (  only managed  these two to  do the CD4 test ) with TB co-infected with HIV also has increased, one from 322 to 384 and one from 125 to 250; 3. the most opportunistic infections (OPIs) are quickly under control and then disappeared eventually. So generally speaking, the evidences and the results can conclude like these: 


  1. TIB drugs are really working for both TB alone and TB con-infected with HIV/AIDS patients.


  1. TIB drugs are very safe clinically, no toxicity or side-effect have been noticed so far.


  1. TIB drugs are not life time treatment at least.


The comments:


The good information really needs to be shared with more doctors and people who are infected or affected with HIV/AIDS or TB for sure. The TIB therapy is not cure but ideal solution and breakthrough to the global disaster HIV/AIDS and TB or co-infections. There are three options for the doctors and patients to choose:


Final Report on TIB (Tian Immunity Booster) Therapy for TB and TB co-infected with HIV/AIDS




  1. The earlier the better to start taking TIB drugs, like CD4 cells are still high or fresh infection of HIV.


  1. The TIB therapy can start anytime and can stop anytime, TIB can still work properly when re-starting TIB again. Even two to three month of TIB drugs taken, the improvement also can be shown clearly and promisingly.


  1. The TIB drugs can be combined with other therapy, particularly for those very complicated cases which mean diseases linked to low immunity or not good responding to the standard medications.







 Dr. Standley K. Ayabei

TB Clinic, Kenyatta National Hospital

Nairobi, Kenya