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---A possible cure for HIV/AIDS


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Tian Immunity Booster

Information sourceTian Shengxun2013-01-25

•The first natural oral anti-HIV/AIDS FI--HIV Entry Blocker;

•Killing the HIV virus in the very beginning of HIV infection through blocking the entry of HIV to the CD4 cell;

•The earlier to start TIB the better or ASAP to start TIB after confirmation of HIV infection;

•Non-toxic and no side-effect;

•2 to 4 tablets from each type, 3 times daily for adult and half dose for the children;

•6 months as the basic minimum course;

•TIB can be administered along;

•TIB can be administered as the the proper treatment and prevention of HIV/AIDS;

•TIB can be administered as the treatment and prevention of most of opportunistic infections-OPIs like TB, PCP pneumonia, KS and heart attack;

•TIB can be combined with the needed drugs such as anti-TB, anti-malaria, antibiotics; even conventional ARVs if patient or doctor wishes to do so;

Very important note:

•TIB therapy can reach proper functional cure for HIV/AIDS patients;

•The effective rate at least can reach more than 85% clinically;

•Anytime TIB therapy can be stopped and restarted or resumed without the drug resistant problem.