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HIV Treatment, Children, Alternative medicine

Information sourceInternet2013-01-25

There is no cure for HIV, but taking antiretroviral treatment (ARVs) can prevent people living with HIV from becoming ill for many years.

Starting HIV treatment prevents the virus from attacking an infected person’s immune system, and can allow the immune system to recover from any damage that the virus has already caused.

People living with HIV usually receive a number of antiretroviral drugs from different drug groups, taken at the same time, to ensure all stages of HIV replication are stopped and to prevent the virus from becoming resistant to certain types of antiretrovirals. Regular HIV treatment monitoring can help to check how well a person is responding to treatment and can help to address any treatment side-effects.

This page leads you to further information about HIV treatment for both adults and children and how it prevents the progression of HIV to AIDS. Comprehensive information and advice about when to start treatment, how it is monitored and what to do if your treatment isn’t working is also available from the ‘HIV and AIDS Treatment Topics’. This page also provides links to information about HIV and nutrition as well as the debate around alternative and traditional medicine for HIV treatment.