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HIV/AIDS Treatment New Theory

Information sourceTian Shengxun2013-01-22

Why the ART(conventional one) is failed to deal with HIV/AIDS so far in the world even in the future I believe?

The HIV/AIDS is the special serious illness which is not like other common disease such as heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, TB or hepatitis. Which are clearly involved with one organ or one system , so it is easily for both modern and Chinese medicines to deal with or target particular organ or system. The HIV/AIDS, especially late stage or full blown AIDS which is qualified to start Conventional ARVs, is multiple organs or systems involved and damaged very terribly, PLUS the opportunistic infections always killing people with HIV/AIDS.

So, if the current ART is used to deal with the HIV/AIDS, WHICH has only the simple antiviral function even not killing HIV ( though the toxicity and side effects are ‘neglected’) plus nothing to do with the opportunistic infections , how can the clinical result be ? For sure the answer has only one , that is failure or negative.

Why the TIBT(herbal ARV) is succeeded to deal with HIV/AIDS so far in the world even in the future I believe?

The Chinese medicine has thousand history and plays very important rule of controlling the health of Chinese peoples. As the oldest medicine in the world, it has its own complete diagnose and healing system. The key of Chinese medical healing art is paying attention to the human being itself. The center of treatment is paying attention to the general and harmonizing all of the organs and all of the systems. This differs from Western (modern) medicine only paying attention to microorganism (germ) and the aim of treatment is to kill the germs like antibiotics and antiviral.

The invention of TIB is coming from the Chinese medical healing art using pure herbal medicines.

The TIB Therapy (TIBT) is properly designed for the HIV/AIDS, which contains four functions Multiple Antivirus, Multiple Antibiotics, Immune and Bone marrow—Boosting and Main organ ( liver, kidneys, heart and bone marrow )—protecting.

From this point , the conclusion can be done. TIBT is the only solution for HIV/AIDS. TIB really can harmonize all of the organs and all of the systems and then to kill the HIV, ESPECIALLY can treat and prevent the opportunistic infections to save lives.

Apart from this, the key points are like these: The earlier TIB is used for HIV / AIDS people, the better is the response. It is not life treatment (minimum course recommended is 6 months). Non toxic and no side effects. Effectively in treating MDR (multiple-drug resistance) TB and enhances the efficacy of anti-TB drugs. Effectively in treating TB/HIV co-infection patients. Effectively in treating ART failure patients.