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---A possible cure for HIV/AIDS


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TIB The wonderful guided missile for HIV

Information sourceProf. Tian Shengxun2013-01-22

TIB The wonderful guided missile for HIV


August 2012, Nairobi, Kenya

Professor Tian Shengxun, MD, Clinical Researcher,

Alternative Therapy to HIV/AIDS Management & Care


Key words: herbal, fusion inhibitor, TIB, HIV/AIDS, alternative

The abstract: The Chinese herbal fusion inhibitor—Tian Immunity Booster is the first oral drug in the world so far. The TIB has been used for HIV/AIDS clinically for the past almost 20 years in both Asia and Africa (mainly in Africa). Part of the patients with HIV/AIDS after only using TIB are survived for more than 12 years and still there up to now. Of course, scientifically the TIB also has been proved in the different advanced laboratories for example in TOKYO JAPAN, LONDON UK, FREIBURG GERMANY and MARYLAND USA. The assay results revealed 1. TIB is the fusion inhibitor confirmed in Germany1;  2. TIB is with very strong anti-HIV activity (100% INHIBITION of HIV replication) confirmed in Japan2; 3. TIB is almost zero toxicity confirmed in USA.



HIV and AIDS!!!!! These are the words which are now just too familiar in our lives today, talked about, at times in whispers and at times loudly, to admonish, to discriminate or to support a person, often a known colleague at work, a family member or friend. HIV/AIDS has been studied and is still being studied. It is therefore no wonder that conventional therapies are under greater scrutiny and alternative therapies gaining more momentum, despite the hurdles the latter have to face. The just concluded international HIV/AIDS Conference in USA seems never to have come up with any serious or hopeful breakthrough other than what we already know.


Since the early 80s when the first real diagnoses were made in many different parts of the Globe, a lot has passed between our hands in terms of knowledge on and information around HIV/AIDS. The disease has been responsible for the greatest social and medical burden our world has had to endure and continues to exert more pressure on our ever dwindling resources.


Increasingly, the science world, prone to elaborate pride in containing a number of such epidemics like HIV/AIDS, seems not to have a lot of ready answers to the cruel and elusive nature of the virus. In many parts of the globe, research goes on towards getting a cure,-Yet the nearer it seems to be to mankind, the further it goes. The latest conference on HIV/AIDS in USA has confirmed that the world is getting closer to a fatigue in getting to the bottom of this infection as not much is getting to our tables in terms of new developments and breakthroughs.


TIAN Immunity Booster (TIB), is an alternative manager, a wonderful Guided Missile to the disturbing scenario of HIV/AIDS. TIB challenges the conventional wisdom and false belief that HIV/AIDS can only be managed using allopathic treatment that comes in the form of antiretroviral drugs (ARV). This thinking is responsible in a way to the current scenario where science-world is almost getting to the point of fatigue, not knowing what else to do.


The efficacy of TIB as a real guided missile to HIV/AIDS, TB-co-infected with HIV and other opportunistic diseases comes against the background of fierce official resistance to alternative therapies (especially herbal medicines), to the detriment of not only human wellbeing but more specifically the fight against HIV/AIDS. In a logical thinking and conclusion, this official resistance to recognition of the role of alternative medicine in public healthcare system is a    conspiracy against the very humanity medicare is supposed to serve.


Despite the above pessimism, alternative therapy world is never asleep, as evidenced by the grand discovery of TIB, a wonder herbal drug that having gone through very rigorous research and trials is now being used in management of HIV infection to the satisfaction of many of the users.


TIB comes to provide relief to the many persons living with HIV/AIDS who wish to attain quality healthcare despite the infection, by stopping HIV replication, improving their immune function, hastening recovery from TB-co infection and keeping other opportunistic diseases at bay. It is a fact that no any other single drug is known to achieve this fate against HIV/AIDS.


The science behind TIB


Unlike many other herbal medicinal products and preparations, TIB, apart from the using in Africa and China for almost 20 years, has undergone extensive research, clinical trials and confirmatory studies in China, USA, Britain, Germany and Japan. It is one of the few herbal remedies that have been subjected to very elaborate trials and laboratory studies. These rigorous testing exercises, coupled with the real-time stories of patients’ experiences with TIB, make this product one of the best in alternative therapy management of HIV/AIDS. Studies conducted on TIB in Germany Freiburg University and USA by Biological Mimetics Inc in Maryland State, headed Dr Peter Nara, (HIV-1 Drug Evaluation Unit, Study No. 03-08-18RW) titled “Anti-HIV activity and cytotoxicity of two herbal pill-formed compounds”  And Dr. Josef Schneider conducted the TIB fusion Assays which revealed TIB:


  • ·It is non-toxic, meaning that TIB does not have toxic effects and is thus tolerated by any person taking it. It therefore differs fundamentally from the current antiretroviral drugs that cause among others, such drastic side effects like liver damage, kidneys and bone marrow function failure, lactic acidosis and muscle wasting, just to mention a few.


  • ·It is a herbal anti-viral drug, that is to say that it has a stopping effect on viral multiplication of HIV, thus effectively qualifying as a fusion inhibitor which TIB blocks the fusion taking place between the HIV/AIDS virus and immune T-cell, particularly the CD4 cell. We need to remember that the best strategy against HIV is to prevent or stop infection of a healthy immune cell in the very early stage—at the very beginning of infection. Tests on healthy cells revealed that it effectively prevents the virus from entering (fusing) with a healthy T- cell. TIB therefore qualifies as the wonderful guided missile to all HIV/AIDS care practitioners should be looking for. That it effectively prevents HIV from infecting healthy immune cells makes it what the world now struggles frantically and desperately to find.


  • ·It is an effective and non toxic immune booster. This property is critical to building and restoring the immune function of patients who have been living with HIV/AIDS for a long time   without medication and even those on other treatments with little progress to better health. The study showed that patients who were put on TIB recorded increasing levels of CD4 cell counts, particularly CD8 cell count, which is the most important marker of the immune function and immunity levels. Instances abound where patients stay on conventional ARV drugs for long without recording any significant increases in CD4 ,CD8 cell counts, thus showing that despite the evident suppression in viral replication, the mere use of ARV drugs does not necessarily improve health and immune function. Only TIB does this wonderful job through stopping HIV viral replication and boosting immunity at the same time. That is why TIB is titled as the guided missile for HIV virus.


In confirmatory study conducted in WOFAK, a Kenyan NGO that supports women and children living with HIV/AIDS, all patients who were on TB treatment recorded great and faster recovery from TB and progression to better health. This was clearly evidence from the time they started taking TIB medicine. It is a fact that TB is one of the leading causes of mortality among people living with HIV/AIDS. A remedy that hastens progress in recovery from this leading cause of mortality is a welcome product.


The WOFAK confirmatory study


In 2007, Prof. Tian Shengxun introduced TIB drug to WOFAK, a Kenyan Non-Governmental organization involved in providing comprehensive care to women and children living with and affected by HIV and AIDS. In his introduction, Professor Tian explained that TIB was a wonder drug for HIV/AIDS care. WOFAK authorities insisted that they would conduct their own mini-study on a few patients to confirm whether TIB works wonders as reported by Professor Tian. The study commenced in March 2007 and ran for 6 months with 80 patients.


A huge mix of clients they were, with 10 being conventional ARV-failure patients, while the rest had not started ARV drugs at all but had varying levels of viral loads and CD4 counts. The study participants had a mean age of 40 years and a mean CD4 count of 350. Out of the 80 patient, 50% had viral load level above 100,000c/cml which was quite worrying. Both CD4 and viral load test were carried out before initiation of therapy and after 3 months intervals.


By the end of 6 months, the results were just amazing. 10% of the patients had viral loads at undetected levels, 75% had viral load reduction of over 45% meaning that viral replication was drastically curtailed by TIB activity. There was a general increase in CD4 counts of over 65% in almost all the patients and all of them recorded very significant clinical improvement and reported that their health had greatly improved. Almost all patients in the study reported that most of the opportunistic infections such as skin rashes they suffered had disappeared. None of the patients had any complaints that could be related to a side effect. 10% of the patients had viral loads not changed or little bit increased.


In 2009, WOFAK with the guidance of Professor Tian Shengxun conducted follow-ups on the 80 clients who were supported to access TIB in 2007. 60 patients were followed up after 18 months and still, the results were quite encouraging. Out of the 60 who were traced and found, 38 had not started any type of medication and were still doing well, 12 were on septrin prophylaxis due to mild ill health and 4 had started ART after developing active TB disease. The follow-up exercise, conducted 18 months after the patients had stopped TIB and the results thereon are a strong indicator that with a 6-month dose of TIB, patients are able to stay well for close to 12 months without requiring any serious medication. This is the reason why we feel that TIB is the best strategy for HIV/AIDS management due to the fact that it provides relief to patients and enables them to avoid long spells of medication.


`Due to the rigorous process of vetting for efficacy and toxicity, both of which TIB has passed, it is now a patented and registered product with the international patent and registration certificates. This is indeed recognition that TIB has a place in the modern HIV/AIDS care protocol.