Pure traditional Chinese medicine preparation TIB A functional cure for HIV/AIDS A possible cure for HIV/AIDS

---A possible cure for HIV/AIDS

·The first natural oral anti-HIV/AIDS FI--HIV Entry Blocker;
·Killing the HIV virus in the very beginning of HIV infection through blocking the entry of HIV to the CD4 cell;
·The earlier to start TIB the better or ASAP to start TIB after confirmation of HIV infection;
·Non-toxic and no side-effect;
·2 to 4 tablets from each type, 3 times daily for adult and half dose for the children;
·6 months as the basic minimum course;
·TIB can be administered along ;
·TIB can be administered as the the proper treatment and prevention of HIV/AIDS;
·TIB therapy can reach proper functional cure for HIV/AIDS patients.

Prof. Tian Shengxun M.D.

“Fewer people are becoming infected with HIV and fewer people are dying from AIDS. We must be proud of these successes and the potential in our shared future…”

---- Michel Sidibe Executive Director UNAIDS

In the nearly three decades since the onset of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, over 30 million people, including millions of infants and children, have died. Every country...


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China invention patent certificate

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English invention patent certificate


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TCM focuses on AIDS research and achieves great results

Tian shengxun´s pure traditional Chinese medicine (TIB) has solved four major problems in the treatment of HIV / AIDS that have not been solved in the world. Although it can not be completely cured, so far, it is the only ideal drug preparation for AIDS treatment in the world. Because this preparation is the first oral HIV fusion (entry) blocker for the treatment of AIDS, and it is also the [more]

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Seven ways to prevent AIDS ● keep clean and do not have sexual disorder; ● do not share razors, toothbrushes, etc. with others; ● do not use non disinfected instruments to pierce ears, tattoo eyebrows; ● insist on using condoms when you suspect that you or the other party are infected with HIV; ● do not share syringes with others before the addicts quit; ● use strictly disinfected syringes, inspec[more]

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